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Producing and selling extra virgin olive oil 

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Extra virgin olive oil “Gaudeamus” precious oil derived from olive monocultivar “Peranzana”. It is a small grove of trees that produce a very limited quantity of olives from centuries-old tradition is handed down from generation to generation in the family Di Pumpo of Torremaggiore family. It is produced in a limited edition "Gran Riserva" with numbered bottles.

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The extra virgin olive “IUBILEAUM” the result of the pressing of olives strictly quality 100% “Peranzana”.
The olive is a Peranzana our local indigenous product of the territory of Alto Tavoliere and precisely in the countryside of Torremaggiore, where it is grown exclusively, since there lies the only Italian strain of this special culture. It is said that this plant was imported by Prince Raimondo de Sangro (who resided in the castle of Torremaggiore) to dine with an oil with excellent quality. The Peranzana is a cultivar pure, hybrid, able to turn into an extra-virgin one, with extraordinary organoleptic and nutritional properties. IUBILEAUM is the top of the range, yellow-green color, has a distinctly fruity aroma with hints of herbs with a delicate flavor, slightly bitter, with a pleasant almond finish. The milling is done rigorously cold and within 12 hours of harvesting. In the kitchen it is easily adapted, both cooked and raw, with each dish enhancing the flavors of each dish.

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The Limolivo a bitter very fragrant with the basic infusion of olive leaves, oranges and lemons. The history of this liquor is lost in the mists of time, the ancient Romans competed in preparing an extract from olive leaves for use as a medicine to lower fever and reduce swelling in the stomach. Its therapeutic properties were confirmed in later centuries using the same preparation to lower blood pressure. The current recipe, which dates back over a thousand years ago, was invented by monks who lived on the Gargano promontory. Its not excessive alcohol content aids digestion

Dante mentions this liquor, calling him "the juice of olives" in the 21st hand of Heaven where St. Peter Damian says: “Quivi al servigio di Dio mi fei sì fermo, che pur con cibi di liquor d’ulivi lievemente passava caldi e geli, contento né pensier contemplativi”.

This liquor gives a pleasant feeling of warmth, color and scent of the rough and wild nature of the Gargano.